PG Glazing provides double glazing installation that trumps the competition. Our superb expertise in this area qualifies us to provide a service that never fails to satisfy and impress our clients. Our greatly experienced team of window fitters take pride in their work and attention to detail.

Not just that – we recognise that working inside people’s homes requires a high level of respect, thoughtfulness, tidiness and professionalism at all times. We’ve built our reputation on product quality, value for money and continued customer service – the three things you need to ensure your double glazed windows are perfectly installed with no hitches along the way.

Double glazed windows are a fantastic option on all fronts. Specifically designed to reduce heat loss from homes and buildings, double glazed windows also carry many other benefits. Apart from enjoying a significantly warmer and cosier home in winter, double glazing also reduces condensation and remains the ideal form of insulation. With more emphasis on conserving the environment, double glazed windows tick all the right boxes for modern homes today. Up to 50-70% of home heat is lost through single-glazed windows, meaning that double- and triple-glazed options are preferable and a great investment in the long run, helping to reduce your energy bills by a stretch and keeping them low for as long as the windows last.

Our installation process sticks to our high standards of service and we can get your double glazing up and running in no time so you can start to save money immediately. We are trusted traders in the business and have completed countless double glazing installations – enough for us to be intimately familiar with the details and how to manage them.